Dissolution Tester
In the pharmaceutical industry, drug dissolution testing is routinely used to provide critical in vitro drug release information for both quality control purposes, i.e., to assess batch-to-batch consistency of solid oral dosage forms such as tablets, and drug development, i.e., to predict in vivo drug release profiles.
The main objective of developing and evaluating an IVIVC is to establish the dissolution test as a surrogate for human studies, as stated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Analytical data from drug dissolution testing are sufficient in many cases to establish safety and efficacy of a drug product without in vivo tests. Thus, the dissolution testing which is conducted in dissolution apparatus must be able to provide accurate and reproducible results.
Labindia Dissolution Tester : DS 8000 is designed for efficient volumetric accuracy. This instruments has following Key features-
• Advanced micro controller based user friendly state-of-the-art product design with alphanumeric splash waterproof polyester soft keys. User interactive software in dialogue mode for ease of operation with protection against invalid entries
• Conical shaped low evaporation recovery lids on the tablet dispenser reduces the media loss during long dissolution run
• Mono shaft design allows easy changeover between Apparatus I & II thus eliminates the routine height validation check per USP
• Apparatus for Intrinsic test & Stationary basket methods are also available
• Tablet Dispenser drops 08 dosage form at single instance
• Bionet Locking aids in easy placement & locking of vessels. Once placed, vessels does not float when empty
• Non-Volatile Memory storage of 15 methods with parameter
• GLP Complaint report format with Alphanumeric entries of Sample name & identification number for authentication
• RS 232C Interface for PC connectivity & Parallel port for printer.