Freshers Party 2022

IQAC of Shri. D. D. Vispute College Of Pharmacy and Research Centre has organized “Frency Freshers Fiesta” Freshers party for First year B.pharm students. This celebration got delayed due to late entry of First year B.pharm students due to pandemic. All faculties from institute has welcome the freshers gratefully and gave them best wishes for their career in pharmacy in present institute.

Freshers also participated in various games organized by their seniors & has shown their talents on stage by singing, performing dance, by expressing shayaris & many more. Mr. & Mrs. Fresher were selected based on Question Answer round by the respected judges.

Freshers day was joyfully celebrated in presence of Chief Guest Hon. Shri. Dhanraj ji Vispute sir, Chairman, Adarsh group of institutes & Respected Principal Dr. Ashish Jain Sir. The entire event were well planned & well executed by Cultural Incharge committee Mrs. Gangotri Yadav, Mrs. Karishma Waghmare & Mrs. Sheetal Katkar along with student council. Here are glimpse of “Freshers Fiesta”.