Formulation Equipment

Rotary flash Evaporator :

Rotating evaporator is a kind of equipment using rotary receiving flask to enlarge evaporating area, which is placed in the water bath under the reduced pressure, and heating with the rotation of the flask to make the liquid in the bottle spread and evaporate. It is the basic necessary apparatus widely used in the chemical industry, colleges or universities, or lab of scientific research for the purpose of condenser for drying and recycling in case of manufacturing and analyzing experiments.

Structural Features :
1. Main components: High-temperature-tolerant and high quality glass having a good feature and long duration.
2. Main motor rotating: using precise electromotor, electronic speed regulation.
3. Lifting components: it takes advantage of the principle of electrical-touched mechanical switch, fast lifting of liquid-pressed assistance advancement falling in a stead speed, and it saves time and labor force, and raises high efficiency.
4. Evaporating pipe: high-quality stainless steel pipe, PTFE integrated materials; the two joints are connected with silicon nut collar of high quality and long duration. It can be washed or replaced regularly according to your requirements.
5. Heating apparatus: A closed electrical heater is equipped on the basis of rust-resistance aluminum for steady foundation, it can move according to different evaporating requirements.

Application :
We use this in separating the residues present in water.

High pressure Homogenizer :

Niro Soavi Panda Plus 2000 high pressure homogenizer is equipment used for formulation of nano systems such as, various Novel Nano-suspension, nano-emulsion etc.
Panda plus 2000 Research provides excellent quality results specifically for size reduction

Panda Plus 2000 is perfectly suited to a variety of research applica¬tions including
• Nanosuspension
• Nano emulsion
• Nanoparticulate systems
• Size reduction at high pressure
• Liposome or other vesicular systems size reduction
• Fine agglomerate formation
• Nano fiber

Rotary Tablet Compression Machine :

Mini Tablet Press is a compact table-top machine designed as per cGMP standards, widely used for formulation & development (F & D), small production batches.

Model: Kambert

Standard Features :
• cGMP model with contact parts SS 316
• Central pillar drive system through an oil-immersed reductin gearbox
• Gravity Feeding System
• 3 Piece turret with SS 316 die table (upper & lower piece with ELNP coating)
• Powder Level Monitoring Device at Feed Hopper
• A convening design ensuring the highest standard of GMP.
• Excellent accessibility for quick cleaning and product conversion.
• Improve tablet quality and cope with difficult products due to pre-compression system.
• Precise weight control.
• Ensures hygienic production conditions.

R & D Coater :

Model: VJ instruments
A revolutionary self-contained film coater, adapted to handle smaller trial batches of tablets and granules. The Pharma R & D Coater has elegant exterior of fabricated SS 304 box with coating pan supported in a tangential position of 35° to 90°.

Coating small batches of the tablets and granules.

Research and development department of pharmaceutical companies had to manufacture unnecessary quantities of test drugs due to existing standards coating facilities which resulted in huge wastage of effort as well as money.

The R & D coater has the exterior appearance of an elegant fabricated box with coating pan supported in a tangential position of 35 to 90. The entire drive mechanism is concealed with the box leaving only the hub, supporting the coating pan, projected outwards to enable vertical rotary momentum.

Probe Sonicator :

Ultra- Sonication During the low-pressure cycle, high intensity ultrasonic waves create small vacuum bubbles or voids in the liquid. When the bubbles attain a volume at which they can no longer absorb energy, they collapse violently during a high-pressure cycle.
Sonication is a process in which sound waves are used to agitate particles in solution. Such disruptions can be used to mix solutions, speed the dissolution of a solid into a liquid (like sugar into water), and remove dissolved gas from liquids