Research grants

Research Grant During A.Y.:- 2020-21
Sr. No.Name of Faculty memberTitle of Project/ WorkAmount of Grant
(In Rs.)
Grant sanctioned by
01Dr. Ashish JainModernization and removal of obsolescence in Pharmacognosy laboratory14,31,667/-AICTE, New Delhi
02Dr. Bhushan R. RaneModernization and removal of obsolescence in Pharmaceutical technology laboratory12,34,392/-AICTE, New Delhi
03Dr. Bhushan R. RaneDevelopment and evaluation of Novel drug delivery system (Enhancement of solubility)72500/-Industry project- Shodh Advantech, Aurangabad
Research Grant During A.Y.:- 2019-20
01Dr. Bhushan R. RaneFormulation of Nanoparticulate system based Nanogel for Topical Application and its In-vitro Evaluation25000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
02Mr. Sunil R. BakliwalDevelopment of fermented formulation of herbal drug for its antioxidant activity50000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
03Mr. Mukesh S. PatilFormulation development and evaluation of orodispersible tablets40000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
04Mrs. Sunita S. GagareDesign and synthesis of some sodium glucose co transporter-2 inhibitors as antidiabetic agent35000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
05Smt. Vaishali B, JadhavProduction of biosurfactant using agrochemicals waste as substrate and its application in pharmaceutical formulation45000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
Research Grant During A.Y.:- 2018-19
01Dr. Ashish JainStability indicating HPLC method for the estimation of Tofisopam in pharmaceutical formulation50,000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
02Mrs. Jeeja F. PanancheryDesign and Characterization of antimicrobial vesicular formulation of Nigella seed oil30,000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
03Mrs. Gangotri YadavApplication of Quality by design Approach for formulation and development of mucoadhesive suppositories of Mefenamic acid for the Management of high fever40,000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
04Ms. Sushma PatilBioactivity guided fractionation of Luffa aegyptiaca Mill.extract: Evaluation for a-Glucosidase inhibitory and antioxidant activity30,000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
05Mrs. Reshma JadhavStability studies of anthocyanins from Hibiscus species in in-vitro food models30,000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
Research Grant During A.Y. :- 2017-18
01Mr. Rajan V. KalamkarOptimization and characterization of micro-emulsion based gel for topical drug delivery25000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
Research Grant During A.Y. :- 2016-17
01Dr. Bhushan R. RaneFormulation of novel ultra-deformable vesicular system : In vitro characterization25000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
02Mr. Sunil R. BakliwalFormulation and evaluation of novel chocolate formulation of herbal immunomodulators15000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
03Prof. Sofiya R. MorisDesign and development of proniosomal film forming gel of cramp bark extract20000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
04Mr. Mukesh S. PatilSolubility enhancement of poorly water soluble drug : in-vitro characterization25000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
05Mrs. Pushpalata ChouguleComparative Studies on In – vitro Anti inflammatory activity of Polianthes tuberose Linn and Agave macroacantha Zucc.30000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
06Mr. Avinash A. SuryawanshiAntioxidant activity of medicinal plants found in western ghat: In vitro study.25000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
07Mrs. Mohini B. BaileSynthesis and evaluation of some potential quinoline- triazole derivatives30000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
08Mrs. Sunita S. GagareDesign & synthesis of some novel quinoline derivatives as HDAC inhibitors30000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
09Ms. Monika L. JadhavAnalytical method development & validation for quantification of alkaloids in plant extract & herbal formulation by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)30000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
10Smt. Vaishali B, JadhavDevelopment of force degradation profile of Telmisartan in bulk & pharmaceutical dosage form by RP-HPLC30000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
11Mrs. Ashwini A KulkarniQbd approach to analytical HPLC method development and validation for Tofisopam in pharmaceutical dosage form25000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
Research Grant During A.Y. :- 2015-16
01Dr. Ashish JainDesign, Formulation and Evaluation of film forming gel of Dicyclomine Hydrochloride25,000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
02Mrs. Jeeja F. PanancherySpectrophotometric development of colouring component of Boraginaceaea family by QbD approach25,000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
03Mrs. Gangotri YadavDesign and Evaluation of thin film strip of polymer of Olmesartan for management of hypertension30,000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
04Ms. Sushma PatilEvaluation of some plant extracts for antidiabetic activity invitro20,000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai
05Mrs. Reshma JadhavFormulation and Evaluation of Herbal Sunscreen Emulgel using Natural Gelling agent15,000/-University of Mumbai, Mumbai