Service Charges

Shri D. D. Vispute College of Pharmacy & Research Center has an state of art infrastructure with modern and latest instruments/ equipment with well experienced faculties. We are committed to make these facilities available to Researchers, students, industry at an affordable prize.
Kindly contact to concerned person if you want to get details of instrument, charges, Quotation or want to collaborate to work on some project.
LCMS/MSDr. Bhushan Rane9421534437[email protected]
ICP-OESDr. Bhushan Rane9421534437[email protected]
GC-MS-MS, GC- FIDDr. Bhushan Rane9421534437[email protected]
HPLCDr. Bhushan Rane9421534437[email protected]
HPTLCDr. Reshma Jadhav9769398797[email protected]
FT-IRProf. Mukesh Patil9423315055[email protected]
UV spectrophotometerProf. Mukesh Patil9423315055[email protected]
Tablet Compression machineProf. Rajan Kalamkar9960993297[email protected]
Brookfield viscometerDr. Bhushan Rane9421534437[email protected]
R &D CoaterProf. Rajan Kalamkar9960993297[email protected]
Dissolution TesterDr. Bhushan Rane9421534437[email protected]
High Pressure HomogenizerDr. Bhushan Rane9421534437[email protected]
Probe SonicatorDr. Bhushan Rane9421534437[email protected]
High Speed homogenizerDr. Bhushan Rane9421534437[email protected]
Cooling ultra CentrifugeDr. Bhushan Rane9421534437[email protected]
Laminar Air FlowMrs. Bhagyashree Katkar7738123635[email protected]
Bio safety CabinetMrs. Bhagyashree Katkar7738123635[email protected]
BOD IncubatorMrs. Bhagyashree Katkar7738123635[email protected]
Muffle FurnaceMrs. Bhagyashree Katkar7738123635[email protected]
Instructions to be followed before sending samples:-
1. Kindly send samples with clear labeling & packing. Separate samples should be sent for different analysis.
2. Samples to be sent by courier/post or can come in personal to submit the sample.
4. Service charges are payable in advance either by Net transfer / deposit in Shri. D. D. Vispute College of Pharmacy & Research Center, Devad-Vichumbe, Near New Panvel Account or Demand Draft and sent email mentioning details of Transaction. Account details as given below. Samples will be analyzed only after receipt of payment.
5. Before & after sending samples kindly email us and in case emails have not responded kindly do telephonic communication.
6. Industry: – Samples to be send along on Company Letterhead mentioning sample name and other details.
7. Student: – Samples to be send along with University/Institution/College authorization letter mentioning sample name and other details.
8. The analytical data/spectra are provided only for research/development purposes. These cannot be used as certificates in legal disputes.
9. Cancellation: Cancellation of sample analysis is not allowed. Samples are not returnable.

All the communication should be addressed to:

Shri. D. D. Vispute College of Pharmacy & Research Center, Devad-Vichumbe, Near New Panvel
Address: Devad, Vichumbe, Gut No.104, Adjacent to Mumbai-Pune Express Highway, Tal. Panvel, Dist. Raigad,410 221
Email: [email protected] , [email protected]
Phone:+91- 9819978088, 9923435783

Bank Account Details:
Shri D. D. Vispute College of Pharmacy & Research Center
Andhra Bank, New Panvel Branch
Account Number: 165111100000982
IFSC Code: ANDB0001651