Training Courses

We aim to share knowledge with professionals, upcoming students and future scientists, to assist practical experience and theoretical background by offering various technical courses and conducting periodic training program which the industries demands and bring value addition to the candidate’s potential.
Our training module assures hands on theoretical, practical and conceptual basic on the instruments for thorough understanding of analytical instruments and methods.

This training course aims to give practical demonstration on instruments, calibration and method development so the participant can achieve the analytical and interpretative skills which are critical for working in the laboratory.
Students who are pursuing their master’s and doctorate or have completed study and want to enter food and pharma industry can join any of our courses as per their interest. We also provide assistance at corporate level.

Eligibility : B. Sc /M.Sc. / B.Pharm / M.Pharma/ B.E / B.Tech

Industry approved technical Certification courses
• 1 month Introductory/ 3 months Advanced / 6 months Project-based courses in Analytical Instrumentation
• 1 month Introductory/ 3 months Advanced / 6 months project-based courses in Technology and Pharmaceuticals

Start Date : Training can be start at any date any time as per student convenience


LCMS/MSPerkin Elmer
GC-MS-MS, GC- FIDAgilent
U- HPLCAgilent
HPLC; Quaternary pumpJasco-Extrema
FT-IRShimadzu- IR Affinity 1S
UV spectrophotometerShimadzu-1800
UV spectrophotometerLabindia-3000
Programmable microcentrifugeBioera
pH meterDolphin
Flame photometerEquiptronics
Digital photoflourimeterLabline
Tablet Compression machineKambert
Brookfield viscometerDVZTLVTJO
R &D CoaterV.J.Instuments
Dissolution TesterLab India
High Pressure HomogenizerPanda
Probe SonicatorAthena
High Speed homogenizerNyrosoavi
Cooling ultra CentrifugeREMI C-25

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