World Leprosy Day celebration

On the occasion of World health day and Leprosy Day 30th January 2023, students of S.R.S.P.M. Shri D. D. Vispute College of Pharmacy & Research Center, Devad Vichumbe New Panvel, presented road show for the social awareness as team members of IPA in co-ordination with NSS. Also visited “Kushthrog Niwaran Samiti, Shantivan” and donated essentials such as Sanitizers, masks, gloves, medicines under the wonderful guidance & direction of Respected Principal Dr. Ashish Jain Sir.

World Leprosy Day is observed internationally every year to increase the public awareness of leprosy or Hansen’s disease. This date was chosen by French humanitarian Raoul Follereau as a tribute to the life of Mahatma Gandhi who had compassion for people afflicted with leprosy.

Let’s come together to help leprosy patients…