World Population Day Celebration by NSS Unit

Population Explosion leads to the vicious circle of illiteracy, unemployment, poverty, Lack of education, competition for essential requirements like food, shelter clothing, depletion of natural resources, increase the pollution of the environment etc.    

NSS unit of Shri D.D. Vispute college of pharmacy & Research Centre, New Panvel has conducted “Awareness on Consequences of Population Explosion” & “Demographic survey on Population” in Devad-Vichumbe Area, New Panvel in observance of “World Population Day” on 11th July 2023. NSS Volunteers has spread Awareness among people using hand posters related to Causes & Effects of Population Explosion. Survey has been done using google form by visiting more than 100 families. Based on Survey it has been reported that Survey area has major population of age group between 35 to 44 yrs, Birth rate 48 %, Mortality rate 49 %, Female population 54 %, Male Population 46 %, employment status 52 % & unemployment status 48 %. During Awareness & Survey NSS Volunteers also discussed among people the measures for Population Control.